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How to block a crossing aera with simple method


Hallo everyone,


i need simulate a material flow in a plant. In the following modell, i build two tracks, which have a crossing aera. The transporter from Source should be stopped when there is another transporter in the crossing aera. However the transporter cant be stopped automaticly. I can put two sensors on track 1 and two sensors on track2 and use gloabl value to control the transporter. But i have a lot of transport tracks in my real modell. It will be a lot of work to solve the problem. I want to ask if there is a simple function in plant simulation that it obeserves the crossing aera automaticly. 


And if i must use sensor funktion. How can i find the edge position of crossing aera so that i can set the position of sensor directly. Because the method i am using is to set the position of sensor on the track and check maually if is the red line which means the sensor in 2D at the edge of crossing aera. (a stupied method Smiley Sad


That will be great if you can give ma an answer for that! Thank you!

Block a transport track.png



Re: How to block a crossing aera with simple method

Hi Lisa92,


if you don't have too many crossing variants, you could create one or several crossing networks, write the code only once and use the representation mode "contents" / "Inhalt" of the network. That of course means, that you have to split all your existing tracks... :-/


Regards Andreas



Betreff: How to block a crossing aera with simple method


Here's a little bit of simtalk code which calculates the intersection of the 2 tracks


and sets 2 sensors ( before and after) the intersection point.


Sensor methods still have to be created.


Run the code with msetSensors