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How to calculate time to finish.

Hello all,


I have a question about calculating time to finish work in station.

I need to move mu to oven station, there is two options (oven1, oven2). The decision depends on the processing time to finish in two stations.

Is there a statistical value for this calculation. if not

What is the best way to calculate the time to finish at every station?







Re: How to calculate time to finish.

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Hi SG,

Every MU offers the attribute RemainingProcTime. So, you can retrieve the ContentsList of an object, and scan the MUs in it to get the information you need. An easy way is the maxAttr command (SimTalk 2.0):

var tab: table

print tab.maxAttr({*,*},"RemainingProcTime")

But in your case, you could also go for a quick and easy solution, by using connectors between SingleProc and Buffers and set the exit strategy to Min. Contents. The you will send MUs to the shortest queue.

Gert Nomden
Senior Consultant | Tecnomatix Product Manager

Re: How to calculate time to finish.

Thank you Gert that's what I was looking for