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How to create instance of the Method


Hello all,

I am trying to use createObject method to the object InformationFlow.Method (respectively to its duplicate) and it is just not working. In the better cases the code of the Method is called and then error message: "A 'void' cannot accept the method 'createObject'." is shown. Am I doing something wrong or Method should not have createObject because it is in some way unsupported? Is it possible to replicate drag and drop of the Method object to the frame in SimTalk? Thank you for your answers in advance.


Best regards.


Re: How to create instance of the Method

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Argo,


you probably have something like


 What happens is that the method .InformationFlow.Method is executed and you send the method createObject to the return value (in this case void).


To achieve what you want use the following:


 The ref function prevents the method from being executed and returns the method object.


Drag and drop for frames can be implemented by implementing a drag-and-drop control for the frame (Tools->Select Controls...).





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