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How to deal with "JT" format files created by "UG"?



When i create 3D "JT" format graphics by "UG" ,a strange situation occurs: the 3D "JT" graphics is a machine ,which includs several parts.After i complete it ,I save it (export) as "JT" format (here I name it main file),several subfile is created automatically at the same time(i name them childfile).

My problem is:

When i drag or import the main file into 3D model without the childfile, the main file is empty ,namly,there is nothing in the 3D model.What happens to it?

Do i have to add both main file and childfile to 3D model? it looks strange for the machine and the parts of the machine display in 3D model.

Please help me,Thans a lot in advance!



Re: How to deal with "JT" format files created by "UG"?

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I do not know what it is exactly that you mean with "UG" but many applications export a .jt either in a monolithic form (as does Plant Simulation, for instance) or as an assembly structure. A couple of applications support both versions and let the user decide.


Now, when a .jt gets exported as assembly structure, this means that the .jt data is distributed over lots of files with a folder structure you have to keep intact in order to still be able to load the data into an application afterwards. The basic idea is that a .jt file can reference another .jt file.

I have not found out to date in which cases it is possible to move the entire folder structure with its root .jt file and still be able to load the data correctly afterwards. At least in some cases, even this made problems so


I would recommend to either not touch the exported files until they are imported again or to export them as a monolithic file which avoids the whole problem.

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Re: How to deal with "JT" format files created by "UG"?



Firstly,thank you!

Secondly,I'm sorry to disturb you this weekend.

Then, I'll talk about the topic above ."UG"means applications named NX11.0 version which is developed by Siemens.You've got what I mean.



Re: How to deal with "JT" format files created by "UG"?

Hi, Peter!

This problem is resovled,Thanks a lot!