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How to identify the stop event

Dear community,


my model became very complex and sometimes, when i change some inputs, the model stops to working and it is very difficult to find the reason.

I've tried to use the trace file in the event debugger but this file just writes all the events; i can't understand which is the problem by seeing which is the last one.

I'm aware that the model stops because i've made a little pop up script for saving data; now anything shows up so it means that something goes wrong.

Any advice?

Thank you


Re: How to identify the stop event

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Francescopoli,

a first simulation run is used to determine the simulation time of the event to be investigated.

Set the end time of the EventController that is only a little bit smaller than this time and start the simulation again.

Maybe you can perform an experiment study (using the tool Experimentmanager) with EventController.simTime as an output value.

You can see how often the difficulties occur.



Re: How to identify the stop event

Dear Peter,


sorry for the late reply:what do you mean by performing an experiment study with eventcontroller.simtime?

How can i see how often this difficulties occur? if the the model do not come to end it won't be possibile to see the problem, if i understand correctly.

Thank you,