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How to implement an AGV

Hello everyone,


In the first place I'd like to wish a happy new year to all of you ... 
Now, I'm trying to implement an AGV behavior between a store and a singleproc (in 3D). 

I had an idea to modelize the AGV as a singleproc and modify its Xpos and Ypos in time according to its speed and its position. But I'm pretty sure there is a smarter way to modelize the process. 
Feel free to post any idea you have ! 
Thank you very much



Accepted by topic author ocsim56
‎01-11-2017 12:34 PM

Re: How to implement an AGV

Hi O.C,


You could use a Track with a Transporter so that you get the correct paths and distances. You would need to use sensors to identify the correct storage location/destination.


But when visualization is not (so) important, you could set the processing time based on the sum of x and y distances. And leave out the nice visuals...


Good luck!

Gert Nomden
Senior Consultant | Tecnomatix Product Manager

Re: How to implement an AGV

Thank you Nomden, for your help.
I will try it this way and keep you in touch.

Thank you very much