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How to optimize OEE in simulation model

Hello Guys,

Need your suggestion in list of factors/possibilities that can be improved/introduced to improve OEE of existling line/station?



Balaji S


Re: How to optimize OEE in simulation model

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

If you take OEE for being your total rate of working (not failed, quality issues, waiting or blocked). Then in general you should focus on balanicing your system so that every peice of equipment has an equal amount of capacity.


Buffers could be a good option to account for changeover times and batch deliveries.


Regards Johan

Re: How to optimize OEE in simulation model


Hi Balaji,


- As far as improving the OEE is concerned, I would suggest you to use the Bottleneck Analyzer and try that the stations do not spend a lot of time waiting for a part or blocked.

- If it is possible, spliting the processes into smaller sub processes and balancing the line may be an option.

- The Experiment Manager and Occupancy Charts can be used to find the right capacity of the buffers if you want to use buffers.

- Try to use a pull control instead of push. Using the bottleneck analyser to understand the blockages and define a Pacemaker process.

- If you have multiple products, trying to reduce the number of setups helps improve the OEE.

- Quality: How you handle the defected parts (Quality: Bad) also affects OEE. Is there a separate Rework station? or is the defected part processed on the same machine again?


These are some general suggestions. There is much more that can be done specific to a value stream which depends on the material flow, layout etc.


I hope you can start with some of these ideas and find your way through it.