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How to program an optimizer


Hello  everyone . I am a university student working with Plant simulation I am designing a production optimizer (how to optimize the sequence of "ORDER" ) . I am having problem in programming the optimizer . Since I want to apply some conditions and criteria to the order sequence can kindly help me how and from where I can learn the programming to modify the methods (Mu) .  Thanks in advance.




Re: How to program an optimizer

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Nisarg,
Plant Simulation contains example models. You can open it via the Start Page: Click 'Example Models'. The link 'Small Example' opens a model. Select the Category 'Tools' and Topic 'Genetic Algorithms'.

Open the Example 'Traveling Salesman'. The sequence of the tablefile Sites will optimize and will show after the optimization. The ReadMe text gives a description.

Note that there are other optimization techniques (Branch & Bound, Hill Climbing) which are also described by the Traveling Salesman Problem. Goto the folder .Models.Optimization.Comparison.