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How to restore inheritance




is it possible to restore an inheritance after cutting it or to define a new inheritance between to existing objects.

If yes how?


Regards, Tobias




Re: How to restore inheritance

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

For me it is not clear, what you want to do.


for attribute values: click on the orange square --> Apply (should be green than)


For objects you cannot "select" a new parent class.

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist  

Re: How to restore inheritance

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

There's a functionality called Replace Class. Usually it's used to change a class of an instance (i.e. change SingpleProc to ParallelProc without replacing object and redefining attirbutes). To use it you need to drag and drop new class object to the target object with ALT key pressed.


Not sure that it's exactly what you need, but you can try.


Scenario is the following

1) Create .Userobjects.SPOrigin - by duplication of SingleProc class

2) Derive .Userobjects.SPDerived from SPOrigin

3) Insert SPDerived instance to the frame.


now inheritance looks like SPOrigin --> SPDerived --> .Models.Frame.SPDerived


4) Cut inheritance for .Userobjects.SPDerived


Now you can Drag'n'drop SPOrigin to SPDerived with ALT key pressed. But that would remove SPDerived object and inheritance would look like

SPOrigin --> .Models.Frame.SPDerived


What you can do, derive one more class SPDerivedNew from SPOrigin. And then drag'n'drop SPDerivedNew to SPDerived. After that inheritance would be 

SPOrigin --> SPDerivedNew --> .Models.Frame.SPDerived

Regards, Vladimir.