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How to simulate recuperation between two Machines


Hi together,

i would like to simulate a process with energy consumption. In my process there is a oven with different phases (heating, baking, cooling). During the cooling process, energy in form of heat is beeing recirculatet to a previous process (dryer). I do not know how to model this kind of problem.

Does anyone know a possiblity to model a recuperation of energy with plant simulation. Is it possible to influence the energyconsumption of a single proc in order to find out how much energy i can save by recuperating.


Tank you




Re: How to simulate recuperation between two Machines

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

one idea:

hava a look in the connector object. You can also define user defined attributes in this object. So you can use the connector to create the connection of the both machines. You will need to define the amount of energy, that ist possible to save by using the warm air during the heating process. Then you can at the start of the cooling process set a value of a variable in the connector recuperation, an observer in the recuperation could react on this change and change the energy consumption values of the connected object...


You will need to change the exit behavoir of the oven, but it should work.

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist