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I need urgent help with Assembly

Hi All, 

I am quite fresh here, so sorry if there appeared similar topic (but I've searched before typing this message)...

Wee, I've attached my model and the case is, that I have problem concerning Assembly "nalewanie". 

I've tried to attach an assembly table but then appears an error (I want my product to consist of following MUs: mascara_SA= FI_masa + mascara_komponent). 

Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong?

For the time being, I've changed Assembly table to : None just to check if the whole model will be working properly. 


The same problem appears on stations zakrecanie_labelling and sleeving.


Thanks in advance for help! 




Re: I need urgent help with Assembly


Hello katarzynazmuda,


In the assembly-list is entered "pred" as interger or the names of BE.
The main part is not entered in the assembly list.

Model is attached