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Implementing absence and sickness



currently I am looking for a way to implement absence and sickness into the shift calender. In my case it is not sufficient to implement absence of workers by simply decreasing the availability.

At the beginning of a shift workers should randomly stay at home for one full day. The total availability should be 90 %.


Does anyone have an idea how to manage it?


Thank you in advance!



Accepted by topic author Skipper
‎01-17-2017 08:02 AM

Re: Implementing absence and sickness

Hello Skipper,

in order to catch the event of the start of a shift I defined an Unplanned Control of the class of the Worker object. The condition of the beginning of the shift is:

NOT @.unplanned

Then I generate an event with a probability of 10 %:

z_uniform(1,0,100) < 10

I set a failure of the Worker:

@.failed := true; 

The end of the failure is generated by a method stopFailure, which is called by methCall after duration of 1 day.

ref(stopFailure).methCall(str_to_time("1:0:0:0"), @);

Does anybody know a better solution? The attached model is for Plant Simulation 12.0.



Re: Implementing absence and sickness

Hello Peter,


thank you very much for your advice - in my case it works perfectly!


Best regards