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Import data from Teamcenter:



I am working with PLM XML/TC XML Export Import Administration in teamcenter in order to modify the data that is exported to Plant Simulation through PlantSimulationExport App interface...

Having a look at the picture the highlighted blue line was introduced by me in order to see the work time that is also highlighted regarding a operation ...but it does not work when I exported tha data again to plant Simulation.



Does anybody knows why I dont get this new attribute that I have created in Plant Simulation? What is wrong or the way to define the data that you want to export?


Thanks in advance



Re: Import data from Teamcenter:

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when importing data from Teamcenter to Plant Simulation a post-processing on the exported plmxml file from Teamcenter takes place. The post-processing executes a the style sheet (you see a link on the import tab of the TC interface object's dialog) on the plmxml file to reorganize the planning data before importing them to the Plant Simulation target table. For new/additional attributes it is necessary to modify adapt the style sheet file (plmxml2xml.xsl). For operation attributes search in that file for "Mfg0allocated_time". Depending on how you added your timing attribute you have to add a line addressing your new attribute similar to the one for Mfg0allocated_time.

You may also refer to the resource attribute MTTR, which is an attribute from the Plant Simulation TEM package. the syntax in the style sheet is a bit different. You will recognize the difference...

Afterwards your customized attribute shall be visible in the corresponding sub-table in Plant Simulation.


Best regards