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Layout Optimization


as below  picture, In Plant simulation there is a little example  "Layout Optimization",but   I have one question  about the example. I  run the model  and  click the  “start”   button, it will  give a   optimized Layout ,but when I  move a station position  and run the model again   and then I click the "start" button,  I do not know why I will  a new  Layout  (that is not same with that I run first )???.      and I think  Layout Optimization  it will give a same Layout  no matter the position of the station .      can  anyone know why   , thank  you  very   much 

捕获.PNG TIM截图20180521132321.png


Re: Layout Optimization


To get a more detailed impression on the module behaviour,  it's maybe better a to start off with


a less complex model (s. below)


Left is before optimization , right is after optimization.


The path with the highest frequency has been minimized  by swapping drain and sp1



Re: Layout Optimization

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Ljlly,

the behavior of the simulation (i.e. throughput) is not changed by the optimization, but the distances between the material flow objects. The optimization determines a permutation of the locations of the stations, such that the costs of transport is minimal. The costs of transport is the product of transported amount of parts between two stations multiplied by the Euclidean distance of the locations. You can press the button Start on tab Optimization multiple times such that the cost are improved multiple times. The found optimized permutation is used as starting solution for the next optimization.