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Learning Simtalk


Hi community


I am new at this group, and new user of plant simulation. I dont have any experiencie with programming, by this reason I'm looking for your recommendations about books to understand the simtalk language, or the basis of it.


Thanks in advance


kind regards 



Re: Learning Simtalk


Going through the Step-by-Step Help in the software will help in getting familiar with the software.


As for Simtalk, I would recommend the book by Steffen Bangsow on Plant Simulation. It has an entire chapter dedicated to SimTalk programming.


There are also some tutorial videos on YouTube that helped me. If you are new to programming, I would suggest you learn about the general concept of Inheritence(not specific to simtalk).


Hope this helps.


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Re: Learning Simtalk


Hi @Sanchay


Thanks for the help and your suggestions. I will continue learning simtalk, I ask my self if you have some small examples on your own file library with real situations or real systems to try to understand what did you do? and why did you use certain programming? 


Thamks in advance