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License file isn't working


Tecnomatix Plant Simulation does not accept the license file I got by e-mail.

I am running Version 12 64-bit and conducted the whole installation process as outlined in the license e-mail. I put the .lic extension on the license file and changed the license type at preferences settings to educational, but always receive the same message (Educational license is not available / Can not find license file)




What went wrong?

Thank you advance for your help.


Best regards






Re: License file isn't working


I feel possible reasons there:


check your license file content received by mail. is it a floating one or a nodelocked one? if floating one. you need to change hostname ( first line one) to your current host name then using siemens license management tool to drive this license service up; also Siemens plm using 28000 as TCP port number by default;


if nodelocked one, just double check your HostID/CompositerID  in license file is matching current PC's hostid ( by using siemens checking tool together with software).


Wish you get thru it.