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Line Resource statistics


I have prepared an extensive model of various line feeding and various lines exiting to find out the best efficiency scenario. One of my lines is stopping due to unavailability of trolleys (modelled as containers) at the end of the line. I have to find out how much production loss occured due to it. I have put a chart with resource statistics on the line and taking the value from show how much time it stopped


But the value of blocked(yellow part) is coming in percentage terms (% of time the model is run). Is there any way i can change that value to time and that value is displayed along side my graph during simulation is running.


i think it can be done you have to multiply line.statblockedportion with time elasped in event controller. I can think of it but unable to implement.


can somebody please suggest 


Re: Line Resource statistics

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Siemens Phenom

I did not really understand your description. :-(


How about doing another experiment with an sufficient number of trolleys and just comparing the results?


Always consider using the AttributeExplorer!