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Line object: accumulating but keeping gap/pitch


Hi all,


So, I am modelling a line object and I want to keep the accumulating behaviour of it (this means that when one MU stops, the ones before will continue to move).


However, instead of bumping one MU on another, I want the predecessor one to stop X meters before the sucessor one, according to the gap attribute.


Any ideas on how to do it?


Re: Line object: accumulating but keeping gap/pitch




In the Attributes Tab of the Line object, you can find an option called MU Distance type. Try the suitable options in the dropdown list and specify the MU Distance that you need.


You can also check the Help topic called "Model a Fixed Gap or a No Gap Conveyor" which is quite comprehensive.

I hope this solves your question.



Re: Line object: accumulating but keeping gap/pitch


Hi Sanchay,


Thanks for the reply.


I'm affraid that it doesn't solve my problem.


So, here is the scenario in more details: I have a line with several MUs going through it. While flowing in the line, some operations are done to the MU via a Method.


The MU is only allowed to leave the line if these operations are completed. If the operation isn't finished when the MU triggers the Line Exit event, then it stops and waits until finished.


Then, the MUs behind the one that just stopped must keep flowing until reaching a certain distance.




I am currently using a "Minimum Gap" setting. When I enable the Accumulate, then the MU behind the one stopped keeps going and bumps. If I disable it, then the line speed goes to 0 and they have a distance larger than the necessary..

Re: Line object: accumulating but keeping gap/pitch


This seems like an assembly line operation on a Belt/Chain conveyor. I think I understand it but don't seem to have a concrete solution to it yet. 


I was wondering how it would affect the result of the simulation or the level of abstraction. If you are only concerned about the capacity of the line which depends on the length of MU and the Gap, you can probably just increase the length of the MU in the model. Or if it suits, carry your MUs on a container such that:  lengthContainer = lengthMU + gap. In this case, even if they accumulate at the end of the line the containers make sure that there is a gap between the MUs.


I would still suggest you to wait for someone more experienced to answer this if you want to do it a certain way.



Re: Line object: accumulating but keeping gap/pitch


You understood it right, Sanchay.


Yes, changing the MU size is one possible solution.. But I didn't think it through yet..

Re: Line object: accumulating but keeping gap/pitch

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



what you could do here is to introduce a "dummy MU", which is invisible and having the size of the gap you would like to have. The only thing you would have to take care of is for the method to ignore it with e.g. an if statement end to delete these "dummy MUs" at the end of the line. Another option would be to increase the length of the MUs and afterwards decrease the length again accordingly.


You could also have a look at this post where a similar topic was discussed

Kind regards,

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