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Line picking


Hello everyone

I am interested in simulating a picking system, this system consists of 15 picking stations.

Each picking station has 88 products. The main idea is that I will have orders that will go through these 15 stations and see which are the products that have the most movement within each season. Orders on average have 17 products that they take from any of the 15 stations, which indicates that an order can pass through stations without taking a single product and in others can take more than one.

The first thing is to generate the orders and then to pick the products attached to the picking. It is also necessary to determine the inventory of the 88 products in each station and how often they have to be supplied, taking into account that each station can hold up to three boxes per product and each product box has an average of 22 units.

The current operation model is as follows, the order becomes a box and goes through all the stations, the box moves on a conveyor belt and arrives at a sensor at each station and this sensor tells you whether or not it carries product that station and in case of take you throw the indicated products to the box otherwise the box goes straight until you reach the last station.


Thank for any suggest