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Line saturation & new version


I would like to have two information.

First one, is it possible to display the throughput of a line?  How can I see the real bottleneck? Because I noticed that the bottleneck analizer is based on the working portion and for example if there is one MU on the line its working portion is 100% and if there are 10 MU the working portion is still 100% but the througtput is 10 time more.


The other question is about the new version: does anybody know when the new version will be released?


Thank you all.




Re: Line saturation & new version

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Hi Marco,

I would suggest to have a look at the relative occupation of the line (atttribute statRelativeOccupation).

Regarding the release of the new version the current version is 13.0 and the version 13.1 is planned for later this year.



Re: Line saturation & new version

Thank you for your reply.
I had a look at the relative occupation but I didn't understand what it plots. Which formula rules this command?
Is there any link with throughput?





Re: Line saturation & new version

Alternatively you could try the Automatic stop option of the Line object. Then the object automatically stops/resumes working, when it is empty/occupied. Look in the Help for details.



Gert Nomden
Senior Consultant | Tecnomatix Product Manager

Re: Line saturation & new version

Thank you for your reply Nomden. If I understood your advice I don't think it will be useful because in my model there isn't a moment in which the line is completely empty.
The best solution was to have an histogram in which each column represents the throughput of each line.