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Loading a transporter Partially!!

Hello community,


I have a situation where the transporter is loaded with 30 parts(10 part A, 10 Part b, 10 Part C). The transporter moves on the track and unload all the part A at station A, all the part B at destination B and all the part C at destination C.

My problem is how i can unload part A only at destination A and not part B and part C. How can i find out all the relevant parts to be unloaded at the correct station?


Re: Loading a transporter Partially!!


If a dismantle station is ok, you can set the successors of "A" , "B", "C" in the dismantlelist.


Or of course you can DiY by scanning the contentsList of the transporter and moving "A" , "B" , "C"


accordingly to their destinations.



Re: Loading a transporter Partially!!

Thank you simulator. I think dismantle station might not be suitable in my suitation. Please look in the pic. Could you please elaborate a bit how can i achieve this by scanning the content list and DiY. I am using Plant Simulation 14 where i can see that a new z dimension is being added in the loading of the transporter.

Thanks in advance!!

Re: Loading a transporter Partially!!

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



I think you could solve this by using the TransferStation found in the TransferStation library. I have attached a model  based on the case you described where that worked for me. The transporter here is loading the parts only along the x and y axes, as the TransferStation does not support parts that are loaded along the z axis yet.


Kind regards,



Kind regards,

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