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Looking for help with program


Hi I am looking to simulation some minor operation sequence here. How do I put two processing times in a single proc if that is possible. In this program I have set up 9 different operations one after another. All of this is suppose to be done in 5 stations only. But it seems that the program takes in each opeartion as one unit and gives out the result. Is there anyway I can make it like connecting one proc to two different predecessors? 




Re: Looking for help with program


You could combine the processing times in a method.  If a station is modeled as a SingleProc object, set the processing time to Formula.  Then enter the path to a method in the field to the right.  Within the method, you can add values to together and return the result (time).


If more complicated logic is needed, like possible delays between the two processing times, you could set the processing time to zero but include the processing times plus any other delays in an exit control for the station.