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MU doesn't wait


Hi everyone,


I am making a simulation of an elevator. In my program the elevator is a vehicle driving on a way . To take the door opening and closing time into account, I used the following code in the sensor control method of the way:



wait 2.8




For some reason the MU (elevator) doesn't wait the given time while other instructions do wait. That means that the elevator is already at a different place when the passengers are moved out.

Does anybody know why the elevator doesn't wait the given time (here 2.8s)? And how I can make it wait?


Thanks a lot for any advise that could be helpful! Smiley Happy


Re: MU doesn't wait

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

That probably should work. Difficult to say what's wrong without a model.

Model is attached, here's the picture:


Regards, Vladimir.

Re: MU doesn't wait


Thanks for your fast answer. Have used the pause command for the MU because the wait command didnt't work properly in my program. Isn't perfect but works better then before.