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Maintain sequence of parts




So I have blue MUs and red MUs entering "Line".  The line separates the red MUs to "Line1" and the blue MUs to "Line11". SingleProc has a process time of 60s and SingleProc1 has a process time of 120s.


Right now I'm having two red MUs release before one blue MU due to the difference in process times.  How can I have the same sequence of parts on "Line211" that are on "Line"?  In other words I would like the first MU that enters "Line" to be the first MU to enter "Line211" therefore maintaining the creation order of the Sources. 


I'm simulating a car assembly line so all of my MUs have to remain in order throughout the entire simulation process.  Let me know if you need any clarifications.




Betreff: Maintain sequence of parts


At the entry of line you can give the mus a sequence  number ( user defined attribute)


Line211 can verify, which mu to pull, according to the given sequence number, through


the  line211 pull control (method)