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Make a code for the workers


Hi people Smiley Happy 

So, I'm still working on my plant for my bachelor thesis, where I'm supposed to have one worker deliver the product for prosessing, and one worker is supposed to handle the packing. The worker who is supposed to deliver the products, is also supposed to help the packer after delivering a certain amount of products to the line. 

Can anyone help me figuring out what code to write? I have absolutely no idea how to write a code, so I would be forever greatful if someone could tell me what to do to make this happen Smiley Happy 


Adding the plant file - konsept2MedLevering1


Re: Make a code for the workers

I have to add, I just noticed an error in the plant, where the parts are not going where they are supposed to. I don't know why that is. The first predecessor to the assembly station doesn't seem to go anywhere, and the other two seem to disappear in the sorter. While there are MUs called BøyleOgVangejern, that gets put in the wrong productionline. Hopefully some of you know the answers to why this happens ^^