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Minimum Workers / Process Time

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Hello All,


I have a system where for several process there is a minimum number of workers required but not a maximum. So for instance a process requires at least 3 people but if their are 6 available it would take all 6, however it would start with just 3 as well. These workers can come and go depending on what processes require resources. As far as I can see all resources you have to set number for a process.


I also want this proces to vary its time depending on the number of workers currently at the process. Not checked but think this should be easy based on a formula?


I have got ideas on how to solve this but so far all require a lot of code. Is their a way of doing this simply? Have I missed some functionality?





Oliver MacFarlane
Simulation Engineer

Re: Minimum Workers / Process Time

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

you need to take into account, how the broker mediates worker. If you set a number of workers in the service list of the importer, the broker "waits" until the number of workers is available, then it mediates the worker and its job is done. If one additional worker becomes available, by default nothing happens with this worker in connection with the running job. So you can check the number of available worker and set the number of requested workers in the service table of the importer e.g. in the entrance control (before actions) when a pat arives. Here you can also re-set the procTime depend on the number of workers.


Here you find an example:


If you want to have more dynamic, you have to finish the running process first (calculate the remaining procTime) and start a new process with changed parameters (e.g. by moving the MU to the same object).