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Model Size and Slow Down Threshold




I am doing an evaluation of replacing our current simulaiton software with PlantSim. I have a concern about the ablity of PlantSimulation to handlevery large model.


Is there a upperlimit of the number of machines or number of MUs in the system?  


For example, if I  have 10,000+ parts and 1000+  machines running in the system, will PlantSimulation running very slow? What's the processing speed when runing large models?

What size of model may cause model slow down?






Re: Model Size and Slow Down Threshold

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Taken from the Help system is the following picture which shows the number of objects which can be added to a model depending on the type of license that is in use. These objects are not every object but are instead only objects of a certian type and is meant to limit the size of the model that can be produced with that license.


Plant Sim License Restrictions.PNG


Apart from this, there is no other hard limit that I know of.



As for how much can be in a model before it slows down, for standard objects I would be unsure as I am yet to create a system large enough to try to strain the program in that way.


Instead I use a lot of code on my models to try to reduce the number of objects in use and instead more accuractly model the system in the first place, at which point this has a direct affect on the system. For every block of code that is scheduled to run the event controller will jump to that time to run it, even if the process is ver small I find that doing stuff like using the wait command (schedules the method to activate in x amount of time) will slow the model down a lot more than you would expect, so in this approach try to make the model more event based and advoid polling values as much as possible.


I spend a large amount of time trying to optmise my code to make it as fast to run, but the types of models that I produce are often running constantly with a high MU throughput so the custom code on my own material flow elements will be ran thusounds of times.


Another thing to think about is how you are going to be modeling stuff, if you are going to be modeling a machine and you wish to apply a 3D model to this machine, then you are removing the inheritance towards the main object's 3D graphics, which in turn will then make the machine you change take up more memory. If you need to change the graphics of multiple objects it is better to instead create a copy of it in the class library and then use this in your model, if you change the graphics there then it will use up little memory to apply the graphics to all of the other machines. At the same time, if you change the graphics then it will also turn of the inhertiance, a better solution for very large models might be to instead create a new graphic group and then if you make it visible/invisible as needed then it will change the graphic visibility inheritance and will again consume less memory in the process.


Hope this information is of some help to you.



Re: Model Size and Slow Down Threshold


Hi James,


This really helps!!! Thank you so much.