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Model a elevator for (several) workers

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I've read the existing threads regarding this topic, but I have not found anything that is really applicable for me.


I want to model an elevator in a model that works together with many other processes. Kind of how a footpath can simply be inserted into a model and work well with other parts in the system. The elevator should move workers carrying parts to different floors, take different amount of times etc. The elevator should take several people at once (if needed) and so on.


I believe this could be rather complicated to achieve. I have experimented a bit, in the attached model there are two (working) examples. One is a simple vertical footpath, it works quite well except there can go several people at once to different heights (not like a real elevator). I can't figure out how to change the elevator time either (since I can't find any entrance, exit or observer to trigger at the right time)


The other example is more like a proper elevator, it moves a entire frame up and down. It works well with one worker, but I believe it will be hard to make it work with several workers and several products going up and down.


Do anyone have any tips and ideas on how to make this kind of elevator?



Betreff: Model a elevator for (several) workers

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Hello Busck,


using your second example will be a good way for modelling an elevator. In the elevator frame you can hide The source and the drain object. at the base floo you can define several workplaces for workers waiting for the elevator. With the entrance control you can request the elevator. Use the goto-command tosend the worker there.

In the elevator you also define several workplaces where more than one worker can stand. As sonn as the elevator is on the second floor, use the goto command to send the worker to the destination. For every worker you can assign a different destination.

Hope this helps a little bit.


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Betreff: Model a elevator for (several) workers

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I am so sorry for the very late response from me. Thank you  for the reply, I will definitely look into those things in more detail when needed, the reason for my late response is because of a reprioritization of this issue.

Betreff: Model a elevator for (several) workers

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Hi again,


I have recently picked up this project again. I have tried many many things to make this work with several workers, but I always run into the same problem, see attached screenshot. 


When the broker assigns workers to a job it (internally??) calculates the path to the importer before assigning the job. I have tried to make a custom importer request of the broker to avoid this, but I run into all sorts of problems while doing so. 


I have tried to implement elevator queues in the form of workplaces next to the elevator, but the problem is then; how do I send the worker (on floor 1) to the queue when a machine on the second floor simply requests a service in the importer? I can only think of using a custom importer request, but that results in problem after problem when trying to get a fully working broker.


The attached model works with one worker, but not with two. 


Does anyone have any input regarding this?