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Model area where workers and products define amount of machines

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I need to model an area which need to machine products (17 different) in several different operations (7). The operations are in a specified order for all products. All operations require workers in order to process, and a single operation can require 1 or 2 workers. All products have different Proctimes in all Operations.


When products are in the area the next operation can't block the current operation; only not enough workers should be able to. Let's say the operations are named "Operation1", "Operation2"..."Operation7" and all products need to go to first Operation1, then Operation2, etc. Consider the following example when simple SingleProcs are used:


A product in Operation1 is finished and want's to go to Operation2. But if Operation2 is occupied, the part in Operation1 will be blocked. The desirable logic is that the product in Operation1 also goes to Operation2 and starts processing with other operators when the operators are available. The point is that it should always be possible to move to the next Operation because they will always have space for more products. The only limiting factor for processing should be the workers running between the operations.


I guess one solution for this is to have several Operation1 stations (SingleProcs) with many Workstations attached to them, and the same for all other operations. But I hope a simpler method could be used to model this behaviour. I've looked into the ParallellProc, and I believe it isn't really suitable either. Does anyone have any tips to model this?