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Modelling Gantries


Hello Everyone,

let me describe my problem:
Under the following circumstances, the GantryLoader stops without an error being desplayed to the user:
- Gantry Loader has acceleration activated
- GantryLoader executes the "replaceMuAt"-command


The problem does not occur when:
- There is no acceleration
- The Loader doesn't unload AND load the destination (replaceMuAt)
- The value of the acceleration is way larger than the speed

I have made an example Model with 3 Gantryloaders to demonstrate the problem:

GantryLoader1 (v=2 m/s, a=1.7 m/s^2) uses "transferMU", this works.
GantryLoader2 (v=2 m/s, a=1.7 m/s^2) uses "replace MuAt", this doesnt work.
GantryLoader2 (v=2 m/s, a=9 m/s^2) uses "replace MuAt", this works.

Each Gantry Loader is supposed to make 10 runs. When GantryLoader 2 is activated (Activate Checkbox), the simulation will stop at 4 runs.

My current assumption is that the the reason must be related with the extra step the loader makes to change from "unloading with Gripper1" and "loading with Gripper".

I hope you can help me understand why exactly this problem occurs (and hopefulle how to solve it).


Thank you and best regards




Re: Modelling Gantries

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



this behavior is indeed caused by a bug which will be fixed with the release of the next maintenance pack by the end of this week.



Kind regards,

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