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Modelling a MX Tractor carrying trolleys



I am trying to optimize no. of trolleys I would need to ferry car weld bodies to paint shop. Each weld body is placed on 1 specialized trolley. A tractor attaches 5 trolleys and carries them to the paint shop.


How to model this. First I will generate trolleys(container object) and assemble them with weld bodies(MU). Then how to attach 5 trollies together? and how can i attach these to a transporter. 


Such that transporter goes to the paint shop. Leaves the 5 weld bodies there and carries back the trolleys.


and the process goes on..but there are only 2 tractors and limited no. of trolleys(eg. 15) but line is  continuously producing at a constant rate say tact of 1 min and tractor takes 20 minutes to do complete operation


Re: Modelling a MX Tractor carrying trolleys

Re: Modelling a MX Tractor carrying trolleys

I saw this example...

It helped

But is there any way possible to drag attached containers (representing trolleys on which car body is kept) in modelling?


The transporter will attach with itself 5 trolleys on which 1 part each is kept. Will drag attached trolleys to next station and unload them and then return back. Till then 5 more bodies will come and it will then take them.


Re: Modelling a MX Tractor carrying trolleys

you can only hitch transporter to the tractor, so you can model the trolleys as transporter.

Container you can only load on the transporter.

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist