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Modification in storagecrane logic

Hi all,


I am trying to modify the storagecrane logic according to the below mentioned requirements


1.) The MUs are stacked in the store place based on its name

2.) The number of stack size varies based on the MUs name

3.) If any of stack if full then the respective complete stack is removed one by one by the crane

4.) In some scenarios, the complete stack should be extracted in one go.


I am able to simulate scenario 1 and 2, but i am not able to simulate scenario 3 and 4. I have attached the demo plant simulation model.


I would appreciate any inputs regarding this.


Many thanks in advance


Accepted by topic author Varun_B
‎09-07-2016 05:44 AM

Betreff: Modification in storagecrane logic

Hello Varun_B,


just do a small modification in methode getPart:

for var i := z downto 1

This will remove the stack beginning with the top part of the stack.


Otherwise the crane will start with the lowest part of the stack and to get this part the crane will shift the blocking parts so they will have new positions.


Using the storage crane, it is not possible to simulate scenario 4. This will be possible with a future version of the MultiPortalCrane.


Hope this will help you.




Betreff: Modification in storagecrane logic

Hi GG,


Thanks for the suggestion. I am able to retrieve the parts one by one. For simulating scenario 4, is it possible to do a little work around like taking out one part fron the stack and deleting the other MUs from the simulation?




Betreff: Modification in storagecrane logic

Hello Varun,


this can be a workaround. Always remove the highest object and delete the rest of the objects.


May be you have to remember how many parts the removed part is representing. This can be done for example by a userdefined attribute.





Betreff: Modification in storagecrane logic

Hi GG,


I was able to create a model, which simulates the four scenarios mentioned in the earlier Post.


For scenario 4 i.e., complete stack removal, first a container is created in the respective stores once the stack is full, then all the parts are moved onto the container and then the container is picked up by the crane.


I have attached the model, for reference


Thanks and regards,