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Monitoring the xdim variable.


I have two vehicles on different ways. One is faster and it will overtake the slower one.

If one vehicle passes the other one, a method should start.

How can I do this? I wanted to monitor the xdim variable, but this isn't possible.

Do i have to calculate this event on my own?  Like 3m/s*x=1m/s*x+10m solve for x



Re: Monitoring the xdim variable.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Kintscher


The xpos variable is unwatchable value. You can try to use “ self.methcall(t) ” monitoring the xpos variable every t seconds. This is not the best way, but it can solve this problem approximately.


Best regards!


Tao Yifei

Betreff: Monitoring the xdim variable.

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Hello Kintscher,


I think if anything you want to observe the "xPos" Attribute, as the xDim-Attribute refers to the loading-positions of the vehicle, not its position. However, xPos is also not observable.


With the cyclic methcall you can get an approximate solution (you can set the check-cycle to 0.0001sec, so it should be detailed enough), but note that

1) the xPos is measured in pixels, which also limits how exactly you can find the time you're interested in

2) if you check for fahrzeug.xPos > fahrzeug1.xPos then the vehicle will already be next to the other vehicle (unless you change the booking-points, as well)!


Another way would be to let both vehicles drive on the same track, create a collision-control ("Auffahr-Steuerung) in the faster vehicle and insert a "debug;". Then you could change your init-method like this:

	-- slower vehicle starts 10 meters before the faster one

Now the debugger will open at the exact time when the faster vehicle would start to overtake the slower one.









Alex Dilg, Consultant at SimPlan AG (
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