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Move MU from buffer when specific MU crosses Sensor on Line



I am trying to simulate the flow of 4 different MUs, called red, green, blue, and purple. The sim begins with a source loading red, green, and blue on a line (called SurfaceTreatment) and sending the purple MUs to a buffer. The SurfaceTreatment uses Method "sort" to sort the red green and blue MUs into their corresponding SingleProcs called "m_red, m_green, m_blue." Now I want to use the sensor on SurfaceTreatment to read which MU crosses it. This in turn should trigger the Buffer to send the purple MU to "m_purple" using the Method "sensor" only when the MU called "red" crosses the sensor. Unfortunately, this is not working and my knowledge of SimTalk is very limited. How do I get the buffer to realize what MU crosses the sensor and then send out the purple MU when the red MU crosses the sensor?


Betreff: Move MU from buffer when specific MU crosses Sensor on Line

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Siemens Phenom

Hello jsparks35,


in the sensor control, just check the name of the part triggering the sensor (@). If the name of the part is "red" then move an MU from the line to the drain or somewhere else.


attached you will find your simulation model with the sensor control.


Hope this will help.






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