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Moving Conveyor Line As Work Stations


I have a slow moving conveyor, where parts ride on pallets and get worked upon.  These parts do not leave the conveyor - all work is done on this conveyor while moving.  With this being said, I need to assign workers along the length of this conveyor to do the work.  How can I assign a worker to a conveyor segment?  I know of certain "work-arounds" where I could pass off the MU to an adjacent station, however this does not look accurate with I try to represent the 3D virtual system.  Parts must stay on the conveyor and be continuously moving while being processed, only if the operator overcycles does the entire conveyor stop.  Any idea on how to accurately represent this type of process?


Re: Moving Conveyor Line As Work Stations


There are quite a few posts discussing assembly lines already and I am assuming that you have seen them.

However, if just the 3d animation is one of your concerns, i would recommend using Station objects with graphics of a conveyor.


In the attached example I have tried to represent it by using the end-to-end animation time equal to the processing time of the station.


Even in this case, you cannot see the workers moving with the parts. But it would fulfill all functional requirements that you can expect from a simulation imo. 


Also, take a look here: