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Moving MUs via production table

I have to model a factory with several departments in which the articles follows a production table.

I have, for example, 4 departments (dep1 to dep4 for simplicity) and some articles do not pass through a department (dep 1,2 and 4 for example).   

If every department is modelled as a frame how can i "read" the one in which the MU is passing?

If i put in a table the cycle needed (as above dep1,2 and 4) i have to know to be in dep2 before going in dep4.

Many thanks. 


Re: Moving MUs via production table

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor
you can use the attribute location or ~

MU.location returns the station on which the MU is located
MU.location.location returns the frame, in which the station is located

alternatively you can use MU.~ or MU.~.~
Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist