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Mu animation path in Line



I am having trouble animating an mobile unit in my 3D-line. The situation is as follows: 

I have an .jt file loaded in my frame. I have made this object a line by clicking "Make simulation object" and setting the class to "MaterialFlow.Line". Now i want my MUs to follow a specific path on this line when 3D animating. To do this, i go to Edit 3D properties -> MU Animation -> Animation paths, and i add a custom Line for the Mu to follow. However, when i start animating, the MUs always follow the default path, and i can not edit this default path. 


Is there a way i can choose which paths my MUs should follow on my Line object when animating? 


Thanks in advance


Re: Mu animation path in Line




if you create a second mu ani path , you can redirect the default path to


the new path through :



Re: Mu animation path in Line

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Also, starting with version 14.1, there is also the possibility to just define a Default MU animation path in a conveyor as the standard animation no longer depends on said path. If such a path is defined, it is used instead of the standard animation. Similarly, you can define the paths Cross, A, or B for converters (Cross) or TwoLaneTracks (A/B).

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