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MultiPortalCrane Error



I have encountered a bug that is reproducable by two other people on their respective machines.


We are all running Plant Simulation v13.1 and the crane library 13.1.1.


If you insert a MultiPortalCrane object, double click on one of the rails and change a value (for instance, the portal length), click "OK" to close the dialog box and then double click on a rail --> There is an immediate error.


2017-03-02 15_21_22-Tecnomatix Plant Simulation.png


In fact, the error appears even if no values in the dialog box are changed. You just create the MultiPortalCrane object, double click on a rail, close the dialog box, try to open it again --> Error.


Is anyone else experiencing this error?





Re: MultiPortalCrane Error

Hi 7SEG,

this bug has already been fixed in the current version. A division by zero is now impossible, therefore I am interested in the current state of the model.



Re: MultiPortalCrane Error

Hi Peter,


Do you mean fixed in library version 13.1.1? I have attached the modelfile I am having trouble with. It is simply just a newly created and totally empty model with 2D and 3D enabled.


Can you reproduce the problem with my model file?


Thank you.



Re: MultiPortalCrane Error

Usually that happens when you specify incorrect parameters.

For example, "Width of runway" parameter on the first tab is 10 meters by default. If on the second tab (Portal) you define Width less than 10, you get this error when opening dialog next time.


Regards, Vladimir.
Accepted by topic author 7SEG
‎03-10-2017 10:09 AM

Re: MultiPortalCrane Error

Hi 7SEG, hi Vladimir,

there are some restrictions for the parameter of the MultiPortalCrane, like

Length of the crane <= Number of portals * Length of the portals.

You are right, Vladimir. But this error happened after inserting of the MultiPortalCrane, so I want to give you the current version of this library for Plant Simulation 13.1. This version will be included in the upcoming Maintenance pack.