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MultiPortalCrane Failure Statistics + meaning of "Random" and "Portion" in Source



I have two questions.


1. The MultiPortalCrane has a failures tab, however this isn't reflected in the statistics of the MultiPortalCrane (for ex. using getStatisticsTable). Is there a way to access the failure statistics to show them on a graph etc.?


2. When producing with the Source and choosing "Random" or "Percentage" - how does each one work? More specifically, I can't figure out how the column "Number" and "Portion"/"Frequency" interact in order for the Source to decide which MU to produce. I didn't quite understand the help file's description.


The reason I am asking is because I have a production plan where the number of products to produce is unknown, but the portion/Frequency per product is known. So it's more like saying "40% of all products we produce on that day are ProductA, 20% of all products ProductB" etc. In that case setting a number in the "Number" column would be wrong since I have no amount of pieces to relate to. So far I've set "1" in the "Number" column for all products to be produced per day with their respective percentages, and it seems to work fine. But I'd like to know exactly how the "Number" and "Frequency"/"Portion" columns work so I can be sure my model output isn't wrong.


Thank you!

Accepted by topic author 7SEG
‎01-20-2017 03:08 AM

Betreff: MultiPortalCrane Failure Statistics + meaning of "Random" and "Portion"

Hello 7SEG,


1. Currently these values are not directly accessable by method statistics. We will add these values to the statistics method in next version of the MultiPortalCrane.


2. The column 'number' is used when selecting 'create as batch' in the source. Then as soon as one of the products is selected, the defined number of products will be created as a batch.


Hope this will help.





Accepted by topic author 7SEG
‎01-20-2017 03:08 AM

Re: MultiPortalCrane Failure Statistics + meaning of "Random" and "Portion" in S

Hello 7SEG, 

the MUselection "Random" is a stochastic process. Please observe the generated portion of different types of parts and change the Random Number Variant (menu Tools of the Eventcontroller).

The MUselection "Percentage" is a deterministic process. A change of the Random Number Variant does not affect generated portion. A detailed description is given in connection with the corresponding exit strategy “Percentage”.