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Multiportal Crane - Loading/Unloading time

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Edit 2: I solved the gathering of statistics by referencing my portal and gathering the statistics this way:



But I am still missing how to incorporate loading/unloading time.




I am trying to illustrate working/waiting statistics of a multiportal crane. I have information about the portal speed and hook speed (trolley speed does not affect it), but also material handling time. So when the hook is lowered, there is a handling time of X seconds before the hook can pick the object and move up.


Using the "wait" statement during the pick/place process is not an option since it adds to the waiting time of the MultiPortal Crane. I have tried creating a chart object for the actual portal itself (MulitportalCrane.Portal:1), but the chart object does not show the statistics of it.


Does anyone know how to add a "loading/unloading" time to the crane and have it add to its "working" statistic, or would I need to create my own statistics for this?



Edit: I have also tried inserting a Chart-object and choosing the source data as the MultiPortalCrane's statistics table (.ApplicationObjects.Cranes.Internal.Dialog.MultiPortalcrane2.StatisticsTab) but this does not seem to work as the chart is showing symptoms of not finding the table. Referencing the multiportalcrane directly as root.MultiPortalcrane.StatisticsTab does not work either. The statistics table seems to have the data I want to show in an ordinary chart object, though, rather than dragging the MultiPortalCrane onto a chart object. So it seems like I'm on the right track but I can't get a regular chart object to display the contents in the StatisticsTab of the multiportal crane.


Re: Multiportal Crane - Loading/Unloading time

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Valued Contributor

I guess, first you need to define the state waiting/ idle for the crane. Normally: all axis are stopped and no job is running (crane is idle). If you load/ unload the crane, all axis of the crane are also stopped. So the statistics of the transporter will not give you the right value. Much more interesting for the crane statistics are mean number of jobs per hour (Jph) and max. number of  JpH. If you calculate the number of jobs and a mean job duration, you get a good estimation for calculate the utilization of the crane.

Then you can also use wait() for take into accont the loading time.




Re: Multiportal Crane - Loading/Unloading time

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Thank you for the reply, I didn't realize that the crane counted toward "waiting time" when waiting for the next command in its current job, and "idle time" when its waiting for a new job. I solved my problem by creating my own statistics and showing them in my own chart object Smiley Happy