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Negative RemainingProcTime

Dear Community,


I recently noticed the remPT of MUs sometimes being negative (-1.000). This occurred in a rather big model (which unfortunately I can not upload). While I did not quite understand how it works, I was unable to recreate that in a small test model.


Does anyone know, under which conditions the remPT is set to -1.000?





Accepted by topic author FeuerTim
‎11-23-2016 08:33 AM

Re: Negative RemainingProcTime

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If looking at a similar attribute, say "remainingSetupTime" for a singleproc, -1.0000 is defined by the Plant Simulation help as the time displayed when it is finished setting up (i.e. not setting up).

The same is not defined for the MU property "remainingProcTime" in the help file, but I assume it is the same definition. If you make a small model where a source produces a MU on a conveyer, and then check the attribute value while it is on the conveyer, the value will be -1.0000, i.e. it isn't processing yet. See the attached screenshot.



Re: Negative RemainingProcTime

Thanks a lot, that's what I expected. When Checking the remaining PT on exit in a model similiar to yours, the remPT was always 0.00.

But if that's not a totally unrealistic thing to happen, I can stop looking for bugs affecting the remPT.


Best regards