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Output of a changed delivery processess


Hallo dear fellows,


I set up a basic model of a changed delivery processes.


The model should generate the changed data such like new delivery date/quantity.


the input are:

- plan_quantity_dEmp

- plan_divery_date  -> should refer to the simulation time

- delivry normal distribution -> z_noraml


- difference_plan_new_dlvry_time

- difference_pland_new_dlvry_quantity


- difference_new_JITcalloff_dlvry_time

- difference_new_JITcalloff_dlvry_quantity



the output should be gathered in output table by programming a controll method.


- new_dlvry_date

- new_dlvery_quantity

- JITcalloff_date

- JITcalloff_quantity


because I am quite a new hand on this simulation tool, so there is still a problem with filling out the output table. It means, I let the model run, but happes nothing with the output table. There must be lack of a logic connection between the elements that I can not find. So if some of you can tell, that would be great !


Thanks a lot in advance !


Best regards


J. Inkheart



Re: Output of a changed delivery processess

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Your model contains at least two issues:

  1. Objects showing a cyan dot do have <Obj>.EntranceLocked=true, most likely your reset should set them back to false, otherwise no part ever will reach a drain.
  2. Data_Gathering is syntactically wrong, this makes me believe you do not use the debugger optimally. (Before you write any line of code in a method, just set a breakpoint and make sure the method is called as expected. After that you may develop your code, supported by the debugger - your most efficient development tool.)



Always consider using the AttributeExplorer!