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Pack and Go Model asked for a Disk


Hello all


Today when providing training on a company presentation, which includes running of a Pack and Go generated from Plant Simulation V12.2 twice we had the following error appear.




The model in question is a conveyor system with no external connections to data, it concists of 9 frames in all each of which can run independtly to eachover. We have used it multiple times already to give this presentation to customers showing that an example project and have also provided it to 1 customer and from what we know this error has never occured with this model before until today.


It occured when we ran the model using simulation time at 100% after starting the model at 10x real time, after which a error would pop up (did not manage to get a picture of it, but looked like an access violation error) and then plant sim would close. Have not managed to replicate the error since and have not seen it on any other models before.


Have been asked to try to find out what could possibly be causing the error and how it can be prevented, as this is a presentation we show to customers visiting us we want to make sure it is as stable as possible to give them the best impression as we can do.


James Mason


Re: Pack and Go Model asked for a Disk

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I have never seen this error message. I can only guess what might have gone wrong.

The Pack-and-Go executable contains the compressed model file and the compressed Plant Simulation files (the exe and the DLLs). When you start the packed model executable, it unzips all those files into a temporary folder. I assume that writing into that folder is not permitted, or the temp folder does not exist at all.

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Re: Pack and Go Model asked for a Disk


Hello MichaelJoos


If that is the cause of it then it would be good to check if the user on the demostration machine has full access to the area it extracts to, is it just the windows temp folder that is used for this or is it another location?


It is strange that this error occured only twice that we know off but we have been running the Pack and Go model for around a year or so now on that machine and user, possibly the anti virus took a couple of files out of the temprary folder or something to cause this occurence.