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Parallel proc problem

Dear community,


i'am experiencing a very strange problem using parallelprocs in my model.

I've replaced singleproc (perfectly working) with parallelproc and now, sometimes, i get an error that is related to the fact that one MU, the last one of a lot, is exiting from the parallelproc later then another one.

The parallelproc has failure of course but my question is: is it possible that there is a change in the order of exits of the MUs related of the entering order?

And if yes, is it possible to obtain the same order for entering and exiting?


Re: Parallel proc problem


If the (individual) parts/stations  have shorter processing times , 


the parts  can obviously overtake.


Could you please post the fraction of your model.

Re: Parallel proc problem

Dear Simulator,


this is screenshot of one of the wrong department (parallelproc later)portion.png



All the CNC machine produces one order (in this case 1800 of A1 product); when the order is completed i've set a method for recognizing last mu of last lot and sending the container away.

After that the second order starts (A2).

All the CNC machines has failures so, randomly, can happen that the first MU of the second order A2 will be at the assembly station before the last one of the first order A1.

This lead to a problem of delivering the right article in the right cointainer.

Same problems, but with the parallel proc, in the next departmentofficina.png


Sometimes, due to failure or different type of products with different production times, there could be a problem in assemblying the right product on the right container.

If i have a container entering a department in a specific order how can i obtain the same order after the parallel proc?

Thank you