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Path Inheritance for a TableFile




I have created a frame for a machine that I want to reuse several times in my model(Please see attached image). The Processing times of the machine depend on MU Names and are listed in a Table. 

I want this frame to act as a class and all instances to have their own table linked to the SingleProc.

However, when I create instances of this frame,due to inheritence the path specified in the SingleProc dialog is always of the table in the base class. 


If it was a method I suppose I could have written


as the path. But linking a method in the Processing time field is also not working.

How do I make this happen here?


Path inheritance.PNGPlease notice the path of the table file


Re: Path Inheritance for a TableFile

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I suggest that you use a relative path. Just enter "ProcessingTimes" into the edit field of the class (without the double quotes).

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Re: Path Inheritance for a TableFile

Exactly what I wanted. I didn't know it was called Relative Path. Thanks.

Re: Path Inheritance for a TableFile


If this helps: You can also add an init-method to your frame. When the simulation starts the init-methods in all subframes are executed and you can refer to relative objects.

This could be useful in case you have different numbers of process steps in your stations (e.g. because of different WIP). 


During initialization you could for example assign the processing time to each station in your subframe.



var station : object
	for var i := 1 to current.numNodes
		station := current.node(i)
		if station.typeOf(.MaterialFlow.SingleProc) or station.typeOf(.MaterialFlow.ParallelProc) or station.typeOf(.MaterialFlow.Assembly)
			station.procTime.setParam("Formula", "mProcessingTime") 


In this case mProcessingTime is a method in the subframe, assigning the List as in your case should also be possible I guess Smiley Happy


Best regards