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Pause and automatic processing




General Question: Is there a way to pause an object so that it continues its content (SingleProc, 1 MU)? Or is there another way to exclude waiting times of automated machines from operator pauses?


Actual Problem: I have an automatic machine loaded by an operator. When the MU is in the machine, then it can be processed automatically. Thus, operator shifts do not impact. If however MU has to be unloaded or loaded to or from the machine an operator is necessary, so operator shifts matter.


I did not know any other solution so I wrote a custom attribute ShiftPaused to indicate for the SingleProc representing the automatic machine that it is in a paused state. Thus, if there is an MU on it, it will not be unloaded until it is no longer in paused state. By this, I manage to keep the time of the pause in which the machine is empty out of the RelativeOccupation statistics.


However, if a machine is empty and could actually be loaded by an operator who is just eating his Wurstsemmel, then this time period is still counted towards the RelativeOccupationof the machine, which is not desirable in my case.


Thank you for any hints on how to better manage this problem.


Best regards,




Re: Pause and automatic processing


One Idea I just had was to set SingleProc.paused := true, as it finished the MU. Then, waituntil the custom variable ShiftPaused is set to false by the central control. Then, set the SingleProc.paused := false.


However, there might be a more elegant solution to this. Something like a pause control that tells the singleproc to continue processing what it is currently processing?