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Perpetual transporters stop working



I have two transporters that should move to and fro on two tracks. The one (1) passes a load to the other (2) via  a transfer station. I use SimTalk to change their direction of movement. However, at the second exchange of load, the model just stops. I tell transporter (2) to wait for (1), but according to the debugger the target of the load on (1) is simply made void. I think the problem is how I make (2) to wait, but I do not understand what the SimTalk code does to the TransferStation.


Thank you for your help.


Re: Perpetual transporters stop working

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you should set the sensor for the transferstation at track1 to the length of the transporter. When the sensor is at 1m the the transporter first reaches the backwards exit and in this control the transporter should wait until it is not empty. But it must first trigger with its front the sensor to inform the transferstation that it wants to load.

So the sensor must be at least at 1.5m to trigger the sensor before the bwExitControl.

If the sensor is > 1.5m we have an other problem that the sensor would be triggered again with the full transporter. To avoid this the best solution is 1.5m (the length of the transporter).


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Re: Perpetual transporters stop working

Thank you, it works perfect!