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Pick and Place Issue

Hi community, I have encountered an issue with a "kind of simple" Pick and Place setUp and I would like to read some feedback about it to find my way back into the workflow.


The scenario is the following:


The pick and place robot recieves a product from the source, then it takes it to A or B, whichever is free

(if both are free, then it must go to A)


Before going to "A" or "B", it needs to make a temporary stop at the station "TempStationA" or "TempStationB" (depending if it is going to A or B), then wait for the process in "TempStation" to be concluded, and then (Without having moved since the drop) take again the product and move it to its final destination.



Accepted by topic author Jerogaro
‎11-04-2016 12:25 PM

Re: Pick and Place Issue

I made a small example.
You can use it as a starting point.

Re: Pick and Place Issue

Thanks a lot, thats exactly what I needed