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Pick-and-place-control alternative instead of fwBlockList

Hello everyone,


I have created a control for a pick-and-place and two parallel stations with capacities depending on user-definded variables, which works perfectly in my version of plant simulation (13.0.5). (I have attaved an example model.)

Unfortunately this doesn`t work on another computer running version 13.2: After a certain time of running the simulation the pick-and-place doesn't move the Mu to Parallelstation B, even though the capacity would allow it to, which causes the entire Material flow to get stuck.


Since I can't find the solution to that problem appearing in version 13.2, my question is if there is maybe an alternative way to program the behaviour as shown in the attached modell. (Or if anyone knows why this control is working in version 13.0.5 and not in 13.2.)


Thanks in advance!




Re: Pick-and-place-control alternative instead of fwBlockList

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I just tried it and the model worked for me. What version of Plant Simulation 13.2 is this computer running? You can look the version up under "File", here you choose "Help" and then "About Tecnomatix Plant Simulation".

Kind regards,

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Re: Pick-and-place-control alternative instead of fwBlockList


At what ( eventcontroller) time does your model stop ?


The attached model was redeveloped with 13.0.6 and tested with


Please check !



Re: Pick-and-place-control alternative instead of fwBlockList

The problem is that I don't have access to that other computer which is running version 13.2 so I unfortunately can't give and useful input in that regard. (Only thing I can say is that the model works fine for over 12 hours of 'simulated production time' before the error occurs.)

An additional issue is, that I can't post the actual model publicly which is why I had to create the example model. Probably the problem is linked to something in the actual model, that is not part of my example file.

Issue number three is that I can't open the file that you attached, since I'm stuck with running version 13.0.5 (the student version).

Facing all this, I though it is easier to program the method in a different way and then give that a try.

If there's no way to achieve this, is there a way to send the original file to some support, in a non public way?

Re: Pick-and-place-control alternative instead of fwBlockList

At the moment it seems, that the example model is working with v13.2

Therefore , if you have a Plant Smulation maintenance contract,you could forward the issue to GTAC.

to find out, if the blockage is based on a Plant Simulation SW bug (or not).

Re: Pick-and-place-control alternative instead of fwBlockList

Okay, I'll see what I'll do.
Thank you both for your help.