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Pick and place in 3D




I am just doing 3D and I noticed that Pick&Place robot picks and place MU really great, except when the MU's comes from subFrame and then it just place MU somewhere in the air. Is there a way to calibrate Pick&place robot so that it will pick from correct place from SubFrame.




Re: Pick and place in 3D

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How about using Angletable in Pick and PlacePickandplace.angle.PNG

Re: Pick and place in 3D

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The suggestion with the angle table is not outright wrong but somewhat outdated (for most cases).

Since, I believe, version 13.1, the angle table has virtually no influence on the animation of a robot in 3D anymore.

There are a couple of special cases (e.g. an angle in the angle table being the same value as the default angle) but apart from such specialties, the entire way a robot moves in 3D is independent from the angle table nowadays.


Now, I tried to reproduce this in 3D and failed doing so.

What I did was:

  • I created a new model and created a sub-frame in the model frame.
  • Inside that sub-frame, I packed a small line of objects (interface - station - something - interface)
  • I added a robot and a station before the robot, the I connected the robot with the station as entry and the sub-frame as exit.
  • After having added and connected source and drain, my simulation worked and looked as expected (you can easily test this by moving around the station / sub-frame in your simulation - the robot will adapt already in the next transfer).
  • Then I added a second target for the robot to my sub-frame. Result: The robot worked with that second target perfectly.


Now, some thoughts regarding what might go wrong in your case:

  • First of all: What exactly do you mean with the MU being placed somewhere in the air? Is it possible that the target simply is too far away (spatially)? In that case, the arms try to reach out to the destination but as they are finite in their length, simply do not reach it.
  • Have you created your own robot? If so, did your configure it correctly in 3D (the "Animation Object" attribute must point to the animatable object you want to hold the MU, and that animatable object must offer a suitable MU animation.
  • Does your sub-frame show its content? If not, there probably is no target destination for the MU to reach and the angle table might come back in playing a role after all.


If none of those idea helped your , it might be best to post a model that demonstrates what your see.


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